IsoTech® Parallel Slide Gate Valves

6″-36″, 900-4500#

IsoTech®, ValvTechnologies’ Parallel Slide Gate (PSG) valves, are the culmination of years of practical design enhancements and eliminating the limitations of typically accepted norms in gate valve design. The most advanced valve in its class, IsoTech is proven precisely right for steam and feed water isolation applications, IsoTech® valves offer our rigorous four-year zero-leakage guarantee for power applications and low-cost maintainability.

IsoTech® valves exceptional durability is in large part due the use of our HVOF RiTech™ hard coatings with a RC 70 seat hardness, and are designed for up to ASME/ANSI Class 4500 at 1800°F (982°C).

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