ERV Electronic Relief Valves

1 1/4″-24″, 150-4500#

The ValvTechnologies Electronic Relief Valve (ERV) is the answer to the need for a zero-leakage, pilot-operated relief valve. The ERV package combines ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage isolation valve with electronic controls to monitor and regulate system pressure. Whether in a capacity-relieving function requiring the ASME V-stamp, or simplicity in an over-pressure protection application, the ValvTechnologies ERV provides reliable protection for standard safety valves in many industries. ValvTechnologies can also provide an integral isolation valve, eliminating the need for costly field wielding.

Consider the safety rating, productivity value and cost savings of ERV – the relief valve whose standard blowdown and set pressure is accurate to 1/10% of 1 psi. Our Electronic Relief Valve (ERV) is the perfect combination of zero-leak-tested isolation valve plus the electronic controls needed to monitor and regulate system pressure. Use it in vital applications, where its ASME Sec. 1, V-stamp certification is required; or in process-critical overpressure protection applications for extra safety assurance: ERV is the above-standard benchmark.

ERV Brochure

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